Pre-Seed Workshop - New York
Pre-Seed Workshop - New York
Pre-Seed Workshop - New York
"The participants increased their understanding of the entrepreneurial process. This helps build a stronger entrepreneurial culture in our community."

Marnie LaVigne
President/CEO, LaunchNY

Pre-Seed Workshop Alumni Stories

The Pre-Seed Workshop alumni network includes inventors, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, business owners, attorneys, marketers, and many more roles that make the Pre-Seed Workshop a success. We profile our alumni regularly to show prospective workshop participants the value of Pre-Seed Workshop, lessons learned by our alumni, and the amazing accomplishments of our alumni network. Check back regularly for updates to our alumni stories.


An Ode to Pre-Seed Workshop

You have an idea that works in the lab

It could solve problems, this could be fab!

You think that if you just keep up the toil

Soon you’ll be rolling in royal-


Click here for the full poem.

What makes it work when it works? The secret Sauce

Camaraderie. My definition: 'people being together because they all like the way it feels-way good.' That was the 'secret sauce' of the Pre-Seed team that I had the pleasure and honor to work with this past spring. We had all the ingredients, but as any good cook knows, it takes more than just that. Let's examine the recipe in greater detail. Click here for the full story.


“My Road to Market is Shorter and Leaner”

Going into the Pre-Seed Workshop, Charles Jones wanted to be the next Pfizer. A week later, after going through the PSW exercises and working with his team to obtain “friendly interviews,” Jones had a brand new business model that revolved around selling his vaccine delivery system to vaccine developers beyond only Pfizer. Click here for the full story.


Remembering Roger J. Williams -- PSW’s own “Dancing guy”

The all-time biggest advocate and steadfast advisor of Pre-Seed Workshops, Roger J. Williams was our true First-Follower Dancing Guy! As we preview for PSW’s “You and What Army?” module, “Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy” highlights the fragility for any new idea to create a movement; and now immortalizes the debt we owe to Roger. Click here for the full story


When a licensing deal goes REALLY BAD!

Our interview with murder/thriller writer and PSW Alum Edison Daly (aka Edward T. Tirpak, Esq.) provides key insights from a seasoned PSW alumnus and also a glimpse into what a business start-up approach and writing have in common. Click here for the full story



PSW paves the path to success for Syrindicare

Since attending Pre-Seed Workshop in May 2014, alumnus Dr. Paul Lee has seen amazing growth for his company Syrindicare. The potential was always there, but according to Dr. Lee, he needed PSW to help him see the path to success. We touched base with Dr. Lee to learn a little bit more about Syrindicare and how attending PSW acted as a “launch pad” for moving forward. Click here for the full story



PSW Helps Validate Bonded Energy’s “Beautiful Baby”

Frustrated about New York City building energy waste, Jerritt Gluck wanted to help the energy sector by reducing energy usage. It was at PSW Gluck received the validation he needed and the toolbox full of connections and plans for the future that helped him dive into Bonded Energy. Click here for the full story



NOHMs Technologies Transforms Paper to Product

“Before the Pre-Seed Workshop, we were basically a company on paper,” recalled Shivaun Archer, PhD, co-founder of NOHMs Technologies. “We had no employees or money--just an idea.” Soon after PSW, NOHMs technologies made a grand-slam with its first grant: Airforce SBIR Phase 1 funding. Click here for the full story



Service Business Uses PSW to Investigate Product Idea
“We were a service company with no experience in product development,” recalled David Pawlowski, PhD, Registered Biosafety Professional (RBP). Dr. Pawlowski was an idea champion at Pre-Seed Workshop Buffalo, representing CUBRC as the inventor of the technology. Click here for the full story



Niche Feeds Cash Flow with Customer Converts for eSolve
Finding the appropriate market for your business can feel like playing darts in a dark room. That’s why Dr. Guy Cortesi came to Pre-Seed Workshop with his company eSolve Solutions, Inc. “We needed to find our focus,” he said. eSolve offers web-based collaboration tools to help improve workplace productivity. Click here for the full story



Finding a direction for Eve N Sol at PSW

Standing on the edge of proverbial waters, Jayne Knowlton, MS, OTR/L, needed to decide if she should make a splash and start her own business, partner with someone, or abandon the idea altogether.  Click here for the full story



BioDrill uses tools from PSW for quick wins with investors

Matthew Augustine was running another business when he decided he wanted to do more than just generate revenue—he wanted to make an impact. Augustine and his team have used takeaways from Pre-Seed Workshop to get input from potential customers and buy-in from investors. Click here for the full story


PSW alumna fights for a cure in her sister Robin’s memory

Dr. Kate Rittenhouse-Olson is changing the world in her sister Robin’s memory. After years of hard work, Kate and her team are currently working with an antibody that has the potential to kill tumor cells quickly and safely in humans. Click here for the full story



“Our experience changed everything, except the idea!”

Glenna Bett, PhD, founder of CytoCybernetics had a great solution to a huge problem in mind, but realized she needed help bringing Cybercyte to market. “We felt that we needed some outside critique of what we were doing,” recalled Dr. Bett. So, her team brought the idea to Pre-Seed Workshop. Click here for the full story



Cell-explorer technology brings promise for Yann Cotte

Yann Cotte's company, Nanolive, has made great strides since he attended the Pre-Seed Workshop. Nanolive is currently comprised of seven employees working out of two offices, and the compnay is now taking orders for their living-cell viewing machine! Click here for the full story



Sulfcrete team raises $150K

A little over a year after attending Pre-Seed Workshop, the company has secured $150K in funding and begun the process for licensing their product. Sulfcrete’s product is the brainchild of the company’s founder who wanted to take his passion for helping the environment to the next level. Click here for the full story



Key insights from seasoned alumnus, Joe Scaduto

Pre-Seed Workshop hosts and coaches are the definition of experts. Each one brings a unique set of skills and experience to help budding entrepreneurs reach their full potential. We recently caught up with Joseph Scaduto, a seasoned entrepreneur and longtime host and coach for PSW. Click here for the full story



Learning about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship

At each Pre-Seed Workshop, we ask attendees one simple question: “Are you an entrepreneur?” The answers and outcomes vary from team to team, but one thing is consistent: if you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to drop your expectations and trust the process. Kimberly Flomerfelt of Advanced Fetal Monitoring LLC knows this all too well. Click here for the full story