Pre-Seed Workshop - New York
Pre-Seed Workshop - New York
Pre-Seed Workshop - New York
"Creating economic growth in today's Knowledge-Based Economy requires that regions find ways to convert local technology assets and intellectual property into revenue producing businesses.  The Pre-Seed Workshop is a perfect vehicle to accomplish this goal."

Jim Senall
High Technology of Rochester

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Anil Dhundale, Ph.D.



Dr. Dhundale is the former Executive Director of the Long Island High Tech Incubator (LIHTI,, 2008-2015, retired June 2015) and former Executive Director for the Clean Energy Business Incubator Program (CEBIP, a NYSERDA funded program, 2011-2015) at Stony Brook University (SBU).

Immediately after obtaining his Molecular Biology PhD from SBU in 1987, Dr. Dhundale joined Oncogene Science, Inc on Long Island (OSI later became OSI Pharmaceuticals, Inc.). He gained commercialization experience working multiple areas of the business including what became it’s core cancer drug discovery operations, as a research scientist and later managing a high throughput screening (HTS) facility, developing novel HTS and lead validation assays, and discovering hit compounds that were the basis for lead development. He also learned and lead efforts in molecular diagnostics, obtaining FDA final approval, setting up and supporting a GMP facility for OSI’s first and only diagnostic kit. OSI's molecular biology research product business was his responsibility where a portfolio of products were created, marketed and supported. During this time he obtained and performed multiple SBIR grants. Returning to SBU in 1998 he served as Scientific Director at the Center for Biotechnology till 2008, and also as reviewer for NSF’s SBIR/STTR program. Later, in parallel as Executive Director of LIHTI, based upon translational research at SBU, he founded and secured funding for Stony Brook Biotechnology through an STTR grant for a diagnostics technology from SBU. This broad experience that Dr. Dhundale brings is well suited for identifying, guiding and developing early stage technology businesses in the bio or clean energy sectors.