Pre-Seed Workshop - New York
Pre-Seed Workshop - New York
Pre-Seed Workshop - New York
"Creating economic growth in today's Knowledge-Based Economy requires that regions find ways to convert local technology assets and intellectual property into revenue producing businesses.  The Pre-Seed Workshop is a perfect vehicle to accomplish this goal."

Jim Senall
High Technology of Rochester

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Michael Riedlinger

Director of Rochester Bioventure Center
Technology Commercialization Manager
High Technology of Rochester
Rochester, NY



Michael Riedlinger currently serves as the Director of the Rochester BioVenture Center and High Tech Rochester (HTR) Technology Commercialization Manager.  Prior to his roles at HTR, he served as president and founder of Technology Sales and Licensing Services.  Michael is also a co-founder of Diffinity Genomics, Inc., a developer of platform technologies related to purification and detection of nucleic acid and NaturalNano, a nanomaterials company.

As Director of the Rochester BioVenture Center, Michael manages a 40,000 square foot, multi-tenant, BSL-2 wet-lab business incubator and provides tenants with services to facilitate growth of their businesses. In the role of Technology Commercialization Manager he provides business development, grant sourcing support, new product development, and partnership facilitation assistance to technology companies in the Upstate New York Finger Lakes region.

Technology Sales and Licensing Services was founded in 2002 and specialized in business development programs for organizations seeking new sources of revenue from licensing or selling their technical innovations to others. The company also provided consulting services to support economic development and public/private technology commercialization activities in the Upstate New York region.

Diffinity Genomics, Inc. was formed to further develop and commercialize technology licensed from the University of Rochester related to differential affinity of single and double stranded DNA.  The company currently manufactures and sells nucleic acid purification products for the life science industry.

Michael also co-founded and served as the president of NaturalNano, Inc., to November, 2006.  NaturalNano, Inc., founded in 2004, is a publicly traded nanomaterials company developing proprietary technologies and processes for providing novel properties for a wide range of applications. These include industrial polymers, plastics and composites; and additives to cosmetics, agricultural, and household products.

Prior to founding Technology Sales and Licensing, Mr. Riedlinger was Chief Executive Officer of Vitalwork, Inc., an organizational development company focused on training and corporate culture change for the telecommunications industry.  From 1995 to 2000, Mr. Riedlinger was Director of Sales and Marketing at Metamor Software Solutions, a computer programming services division of Metamor Worldwide with offices in over 20 countries worldwide. From 1993 to 1995 he was Vice President of QSoft Solutions, a provider of quality management software and information to major corporations in North America.  From 1986 to 1993, Mr. Riedlinger held several positions, including OEM Products Director and Director of Strategic Planning at Microlytics, Inc.  In his tenure at Microlytics, he developed several software products for both consumer and OEM markets and managed licensing relationships with over 100 combined licensees and licensors.  

Mr. Riedlinger has a MBA from the University of Rochester and a BFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology.