Pre-Seed Workshop - New York
Pre-Seed Workshop - New York
Pre-Seed Workshop - New York
"The Pre-Seed Workshop is the best approach I have seen to the challenging issue of determining if academic researchers have an idea that can become a commercially successful venture."

Sean Boykevisch
Senior Licensing Associate
Stony Brook University, Long Island

An Ode to pre-seed workshop

You have an idea that works in the lab

It could solve problems, this could be fab!

You think that if you just keep up the toil

Soon you’ll be rolling in royal-


Uh-oh, but there’s much more to know,

How do you start a business? And make it grow?

Along with your greatest ambitions

You need to set the right conditions:

Protect your idea through a patent attorney

That’s the first step as you set forth on your journey.

Be sure you know your market size,

Lest your competitors will take the prize.

Have you examined your revenue potential?

Did you insure your business in case of torrential


You can apply for a grant through SBIR

Venture and angel investors can help you go far.

Pre-Seed Workshop prepares you, let it be your guide,

As you brace yourself for this roller coaster ride.

And, if after you’ve spent 2 ½ days with us here

It’s determined your idea as business might disappear,

You’ve not wasted much time or useless gab…

You’re now armed with knowledge as you go back to your lab!


©2016 Marla Coppolino


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